Tuesday, January 2, 2007

01Jan07 Waihau Bay, Raukokore, Mareheko Bay, Hawai Bay.

New Years Day 2007. Time to begin the journey North. After the leaving Oruaiti POP the next bay North, which you really don't come close to, is Waihau Bay. A memory of Waihau Bay will be this motorhome that would seem to have come to it's final resting place.
The Chuch at Raukokore Bay, virtually next after Waihau Bay, stands on a large lawn within walking distance to the beach. The area of East Cape is now behind us and the changes in land structure and beaches are starting to become evident.
Following the road along the coast we came across a macadameia nut plantation that had as part of a real nice cafe plus lots of nut products. Interestingly and perhaps not suprisingly it was called 'The Nut House'.
From 'The Nut House' carpark the view towards the North of Mareheko Bay bought back many happy skin diving memories with its rugged rocky coastline.
A little further along the coast was Hawai Bay. Not as picturesque as many we have seen but still of significance with it's camping ground on the point. From here those with boats can easily enjoy the best of fishing that the East Cape has to offer. The change in beach and foreshore structure is really very evident which for the most part was to continue as we continued North.
This ends the East Cape Excursion blog with this holiday being picked up starting 04Jan07 until 07Jan07 at Waihi Beach. See you there.................

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