Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taupo to Cape Reinga, NZ and back.
Pt 4: Kai Iwi Lakes to Ahipara Camp

Jan - Mar 2012 we travelled with friends, Chris and Kev, from Te Anau, for 8 weeks from Taupo to Cape Reinga and back to Auckland.  Following are some of the pics and places where we stayed and visited.  Enjoy the journey with us.

Trounson Kauri Park
From the Kai Iwi Lakes again heading north along the Kauri Coast Highway the next stop for us was to overnight at the Trounson Kauri Park.

Trounson Kauri Park is a few km off the main road but it’s worth a visit.  A small DOC park with good facilities.

We did go on a night tour hoping for a look at some Kiwi in the wild but that was not to be.  There were a number of large young Kauri.  The smaller of the two is Kev.
My what a ‘big boy’ you are!
Next stop continuing north towards Opononi was Te Matua Ngahere and the Four Sisters.

It was a great walk through the younger Kauri forest to Te Matua Ngahere.

Te Matua Ngahere – awesome.

The Father of the Forest

The Four Sisters.  Kauri trees that have grown so close they have become completely joined as one.

The end of the Kauri Coast Highway opens to a large view of the Hokianga and Opononi.

At the end of the road before dropping down to Opononi is a viewing area for the entrance to the Hokianga Harbour.

A lunch stop at the Opononi Hotel is a must.

As it a stroll down the wharf.  From previous visits, when time permits, this is a great wharf for fishing as it juts right out into the main current that flows in and out of the Hokianga.

Opononi was the home of one of New Zealand’s most famous dolphin, Opo.  Remembered by this sculpture.

And this plaque.
After a night at a POP right on the edge of the harbour it was off to Rawene and the ferry.

No it’s not a marine portaloo.

A quick photo stop at the cafĂ© and off to catch the ferry that’s arriving.

Tell it to wait I haven’t finished my muffin.

Dora and crew are aboard so it’s off across the Hokianga to Kohu Kohu

Saying farewell to Rawene.

With a last photo op as we draw close to Kohu Kohu.

'Dora' backed up by ‘The Italian Job’ arrives at Kohu Kohu.

Are we there (Kohu Kohu) yet?

Yes we’re in the Far North now.

Yes I’m old enough to drink.

Arriving at Ahipara it was off up the hill for an expansive view of 90 mile beach.
See You on Pt 5: Ahipara Camp to Te Pua (Paua)