Sunday, March 18, 2007

17Mar07 Scandretts - Mahurangi

Scandretts (beach) is a new DOC park on the Mahurangi not far past Snells Beach. There are no facilities so no self containment no overnight staying.The beach is quite big and on the far side there were a number of small buildings that I understand DOC are planning to make available for rent during holiday periods.The parking for motorhomes is on a grassy knoll above the beach and the original farm house.The views from the parking area are certainly quite extensive from the Takatu Peninsular (in the pic) round to Kawau and other islands in the Mahurangi.
A walk of some 30 minutes from the motorhome carpark down to the beach then around the rocks brings you to a very popular fishing spot. It was quite amazing, people were coming and going all day from all directions.In the distance is Kawau Island....
... and the Rabbit, great for scallops.Next stop another DOC park and a very busy one at that - Sullivans.