Monday, January 15, 2007

10Nov06 Awhitu - Big Bay

The Awhitu Peninsular is the southern head of the Manakau Heads, Manakau Harbour, Auckland. At the end of the peninsular there a three main bays, Big Bay Orua Bay and Wattle Bay. The two pics below show a google-eyes view of Awhitu.This was our first trip and we decided to try Big Bay first. The beach wasn't really anything to write home about and I forgot to get a pic anyway, maybe next time. A highlight of the trip was a visit to the Manakau Heads Lighthouse.From the Lighthouse there is a great view to be had of the entrance to the Manakau Harbour, Heads and Bar..The following are some interesting pics taken at Big Bay. A no rubbish sign.Rocks in the tree roots.A weekend away enjoyed time to head back to the big smoke.......!

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