Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas 2008/09 25/12 - 10/1

Batley, Okaihau, Houhora, Te Kao, Cape Reinga, Te Pua, Awanui, Taupo Bay, Russell, Manganese Point.

Some areas have featured in earlier posts. Images have been resized down. If you want full size pics of any please contact me.
Batley 25-29 Dec
Batley is at the end of the road out from Maungaturoto.Identified by a very large two storey villa that is still in the Roadley family with Rex and Rae. My daughter was married here earlier in the month.We were parked up over the hill, still on the farm, by the water. The following are some images that you might find interesting, there are more. A beach called The Pohutukawas is close to where we were parked.Life on an oyster farm is hard on machinery.
And vehicles.Memories of hard work.No the fence is not to keep the oysters in or the stingrays out!A lone sentinel waits for the next sunrise.
Okaihau 29-30Dec09
An earlier posts visits Okaihau however here are some more images of our one night stay
at the Fire Engine Museum POP.
On the way to the POP we passed a true country church.
The country folk are quite inqisitive.
And enjoy their (water)sports.

Houhora, Te Kao, Cape Reinga, Te Pua 30Dec09

After the overnight stop at Okaihau our ultimate destination this day was Te Pua via Houhora, get the key at the Te Kao store, a quick visit to Cape Reinga and back to Te Pua.A quick stop for a photo opportunity at the top of the Maungamukas before dropping down to Kaitaia.After replenshing and refueling at Kaitaia we continued north past this church just out of Kaitaia.Next stop was Houhora for lunch down by the harbour.Just by the wharf.Where there were a number of fishing boats preparing to take advantage of the good weather. 
On the way to Cape Reinga we made a stop at the Te Kao store to pick up our key for Te Pua.
Due to poor conditions only one pic of Cape Reinga is included.
Te Pua 30Dec08 - 4 Jan09
Wilderness Te Pua, open spaces and derelict buildings.
We made it back with plenty of daylight to set up camp at Te Pua. 
The following a various images taken at the Te Pua Reserve.

Just before dawn looking out to the silicia sand hills.
Calm early mornings
and crystal clear waters.
The Te Pua beach front wanders for more than a kilometre.
A small wharf provide great fishing.  We dined on large piper a number of times.
The bounty of the sea included great harvests of cockles (shown) and pipi.
Magical sunsets were a great end to our six days at Te Pua. 
Don't you just love these signs! 

Awanui 4Jan09

From Tepua we were off to Taupo Bay via Awanui.
A quick stop at the cafe in Awanui was a welcome break to the days journey.
The view sitting outside the cafe was of the river
that although the tide was out was interesting.

The Following Are Passing Thru Pics.
Taipa, Mangonui, Taupo Bay, Russell and finally Manganese Point

Taipa bridge before Mangonui
Mangonui Wharf, ideal for kids fishing.
Taupo Bay beach looking south.
Taupo Bay beach looking north.
Haruru falls just before Paihia.
Ferry to Russell.
A great day for sailing.
Russell wharf.
Who says there's no free feed.
Original Russell church.
Manganese Point POP.
Beach on one side of the point.
Western side of the point.
Evening at Manganese Point.
Marsden Point by night.

From here next stop was home.  Join the next blog, Wentworth Valley Park, Whangamata 6-9 February 2009.