Tuesday, March 23, 2010

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 143 – 157 8 - 23 Mar 2010

Oxford to Moeraki and a few places in between.

The following are some pics of some of location we have been to over these few days. This blog is best viewed in conjunction with Raewyn's email episodes.
Oxford - Early morning clouds on the hills.
Peel Forest.  Looking for early morning honeydew.
Ealing,  Irrigation ducts around the area we stayed at Ealing.
Rangitata River.  No salmon here yet. Remains of old road bridge.
Peel Forest.  'Treebeard' the 1000+ year old Totara.
Woodbury.  The local church.
Woodbury.  Was certainly quite something, built early 1900’s.
South Canterbury Coast.  Interesting pastoral scene with railway and sea.
Waimate.  NZMCA Park, that’s us in the centre, where we based ourselves for a few days.
Waimate has it’s own white horse.
Waimate.  Now there’s a real old sign, note AA.
On the road.  Yes boots, mostly 'gum' competition for 'bras'.
Kurow.  Whilst taking a pic of this old historic building.
Kurow.  We felt we were being watched.
Kurow.  More than once.  (Actually a little licence was taken as this pic was taken at Hakataramea.)
Hakataramea.  Evening 14 March we were free camped beside the Hakataramea River.
Hakataramea.  Where the evening provided opportunities.
Hakataramea.  For some interesting pics.
Hakataramea.  Very interesting indeed.
Hakataramea.  Handheld, low light and full zoom – shakes.
Kurow.  The pub has a ‘bob’ each way with Speights, DB and Lion. The hill in the background is Kurow Hill. There was a geocache at the top.
Kurow.  It was a long hot climb to the top.  (Yes I know speck is spelt wrong but it's too hard to change.  Just checking if you actually read the blog !!!)
Kurow.  Whilst the photo stitch isn’t so good the view certainly was.
Kurow.  Geocaching is certainly taking us places.
Kurow.  Like this old ruins of a three room cottage way out back.
Kurow.  Typically made from local stone and mud.
Duntroon.  Our travels took us to sites, Elephant Rock, where the movie The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was filmed.
Duntroon.  Some of the sets have been left to view.
Duntroon.  No we’re not a mobile milking shed!
Awamoko.  It’s sure is dry in these parts.

Oamaru.  A solid bank.  Note the car in front and family was on TV.  They have travelled the world in this auto.

Oamaru.  Steam powered Ford Prefect....yeah right

Oamaru.  Main street.
Oamaru.  The main street and in fact all the side streets have memories of times past with the fabulous old buildings thanks to the Oamaru stone.
Oamaru.  An opera house that most New Zealand cities would be proud of.
All Day Bay.  Another nice free camp site at All Day Bay.
Maheno.  Build it and they will come. Maheno Rugby Club grandstand.
Maheno.   Just out of Maheno is Clarks Mill.  This mill was one of the last water powered mills in New Zealand.
Kuriheka.  I know rabbits are a problem but really….!
Kuriheka.  They’re surrounded.
Kuriheka.  Yes they’re serious. This was way off the beaten track at Kuriheka.
Kuriheka.  The estate is hugewith most buildings showing 1889 as the year.  The original owner was a collector or artillery pieces from the 1914-18 war and earlier.
Wainakarua.  What’s so fascinating about railway lines?
Wainakarua.  And old bridges.
Wainakarua.  ‘No Circulars’ on the letter box.
Wainakarua.  We needed some eggs but not this big.
Moeraki.  The Moeraki Boulders are well worth viewing, almost compulsory..
Moeraki.  The broken ones are just as interesting.
Moeraki.  So are the carnivorous ones – beware.
Moeraki.  Boulder tracks maybe?