Sunday, June 24, 2007

23Jun07 Tinopai on the Kaipara

On the way North to Tinopai the road goes through Wellsford. Unfortunately for us this chosen weekend was just at the end of one of the worst storms to hit for some time.I'm sorry but this blog is rather short due to the bad weather so regard it as just a taste of what's available. Tinopai is another of the small towns on the shores of the Kaipara Harbour. Somewhat further out into the harbour proper than Pahi and certainly well worth the trip.Tere's a long wharf at the end of the town that juts into the harbour that provides, at times, good fishing for those who wish to try their luck. The tidal current moves rather quickly at times through the relatively narrow gap known as the Funnel past Tinopai on its way to the sea. Pahi recently visited is further up the harbour from Tinopai to the East from Batley.The overnight parking, a camping area managed by the community, was a little way back from the wharf and with the present bad weather was in use by others not just us in our motorhomes.
As mentioned earlier the weather wasn't very good so our stay at Tinopai was somewhat short and not to many pics were taken, maybe next time.