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South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 424 – 463 16 December 2010 - 24 January 2011

 South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 424 –  463
16 December 2010 - 24 January 2011

This blog is best viewed in conjunction with Raewyn's email episode that corresponds with the same days and dates.  If you don’t get that email let us know.  There are a great deal more pics taken at places mentioned and places in between.  Pics have been taken by Raewyn and myself.  At some of the locations where pics have been taken from there were geocaches.  For interest these have been identified with GC. If you want to know about geocaching check out   

(NOTE:  If you have any trouble with pics ‘fully showing let me   Also if you double click on the pic it should show completely.)

Pics in this blog were taken at Kinloch, Niagara, Niagara Falls, Weirs Beach, Colac Bay, Monowai, Grebe Valley, Te Anau, Milford Sound, Gore to Kingston, Garston, Queenstown

The morning dawns at Kinloch, northernmost point of Lake Whakatipu next to the Dart River delta.  We were parked on a small peninsula.  In two visits we spent 26 nights here.

This pic is looking to the west from where we had parked up.

The fly fishing was virtually always successful.

Salmon, rainbow and brown trout were almost always on the menu.

Except one evening I was out done.  In all our time this one is still the biggest.

That ended up here....yummmm

View looking towards the Dart River mouth.  Glenorchy off the right of the pic.
This pic fits on the right of the one above.

To stay as long as we did catching rain water was an option.  Must have caught 100litres.

And usually there's a glow after the rain. 

We watched a family of Paradise Shelduck (Putangitangi) grow from fluffy ducklings.

A pair of Australasian Crested Grebe (Kamana) were nesting close by.

With a few families of Canada Geese occasionally passing by.

Keeping dry whilst trolling for salmon on the lake.

Whilst at Kinloch we were warned that there was to be a 'rain event' so I put in a marker.  We were 1200 above the present lake level.  In 36hrs the level came up to within 200 of us.

Derelict buildings are always interesting.  On road into Kinloch.  We return to Kinloch later in January 2011, some more pics at the end of this post.

Yes this has a signpost that says NIAGARA FALLS at Niagara in the Catlins.  A sense of humour! See

We stopped at a rally at Niagara on New Years Day and stayed the night.

Weirs Beach GC
Next stop as we headed south to Invercargill was Weirs Beach.

Colac Bay GC
Colac Bay, to the west of Invercargill provided the opportunity for some interesting pics.

All the bus stops faced east away from the prevailing wind.  All were theme painted. Not The Italian Job, the bus from the Simpsons.

 View across calm Colac Bay.

The point at Colac Bay is a popular surfing destination, oh the memories.

Monowai & Grebe Valley GC
From Colac Bay next stop was Monowai, Lake Monowai and an unexpected trip to the Grebe Valley that heads to Lake Manapouri.  The pic above is more of a landmark than a pic of interest being the power house at Monowai.

Brooding weather over Lake Monowai.  Not a fishing destination that I'm in a hurry to repeat.

We were very lucky to get taken on a 4WD trip up to the Grebe Valley.

Looking into the bush 180 from the previous pic.

Marching silently into the distance the power flows Lake Manapouri.

Above the clouds looking into the Grebe Valley a rainbow displays.

Oh dear and no cel phone coverage!  What use extra AA plan.  Two new tyres @ $500.

Both spare tyres seem to be a bit jammed (he he!)

Te Anau GC
Australasian Crested Grebe (Kamana) nesting in the boat marina area.

Milford Sound
This time to Milford we took a coach trip that included a boat ride out to the entrance of Milford Sound and a visit to the underwater viewing gallery.

Entrance to the Homer Tunnel on the way to Milford.

Looking towards Milford after exiting the Homer Tunnel.

This particular rock face showed many minerals in the sunlight.  It hadn't rained in Milford Sound for six days - quite unusual - which meant that most of the waterfalls weren't and those that were had reduced flows.

One always knew when a seal colony was close especially if approaching from down wind. Southern Fur Seals.

An interesting view looking back into Milford Sound from the sea.

When viewed from this angle it's easy to see how Capt Cook missed it completely.

Everyone had the usual wetting under the Stirling Falls.

A couple of views from the underwater observatory.  Sometimes it was who was looking at who!  The white tree 'stuff' is Black Coral 

What's a trip to Milford Sound without a pic of Mitre Peak.

Gore to Kingston GC

Summertime Pinders Pond, Roxburgh.

Inside one of the Kingston Flyer carriages.

Now this was on the outside of one of the Kingston Flyer carriages.  Who remembers 1d?

Garston GC
Meet the Pincone Family guarding a GC.

Queenstown GC
Off to view the Earnslaw.

Kinloch - Back again.
It has to be a favourite place.

The fluffy ducklings are now teenagers.

If you don't know what it is it's Tutu, perhaps the most poisonous plant (to humans) that grows in New Zealand.  People have been poisoned by honey where the bees have visited Tutu flowers.

Fishing the Greenstone River.  No it wasn't me, we just spotted the large brown trout for him.  Apart from a normal licence you need a special permit for this river.

The South Island Robin (Toutouwai)   just has to be one of the most inquisitive of birds.

One of the many moods over Lake Whakatipu.

As the sun sets the hills over Glenorchy glow.

With some interesting light effects.