Wednesday, May 21, 2008

18/19May08 Maungaturoto

A small North Island town for which the 'Dictionery of Maori Place Names' interprets Maungauturoto as mountain standing in a lake. It would be interesting to learn as to how this name was created as there's no mountain or lake.I always understood the translation to be valley in the hills. Perhaps when first viewed and named Maungaturoto was seen with the tops of the hills protruding out of the mist on a winters morning.This weekend was special for us as we were married in Maungaturoto 36 years ago almost to the day in the local church.The timing of this visit also allowed us to take the opportunity of participating in a rally held at the Maungaturoto Recreational facility.There were some 60 plus motorhome parked up.A fun game of bowls was enjoyed by all who participated......including first time novices. Well it's off home to prepare for our next adventure on Queens Birthday Weekend.