Monday, August 27, 2012

Taupo to Cape Reinga, NZ (2012) Pt 1: Taupo to Waikite Springs

Taupo to Cape Reinga, NZ and back.

Pt 1: Taupo  to Waikite Springs

Jan - Mar 2012 we travelled with friends, Chris and Kev, from Te Anau, for 8 weeks from Taupo to Cape Reinga and back to Auckland.  Following are some of the pics and places where we stayed and visited.  Enjoy the journey with us.

In 2011 we made a date with friends Chris and Kev from Te Anau, NZ, that we would catch with them when the visited the North Island in January of 2012.  When we were travelling the South Island (see Intrepid Journey Blogs) we thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent travelling with them and looked forward to spend further time with them in our part of New Zealand.

The summer of 2012 started a few weeks before we were due to meet with Kev and Chris. We started at Wharekahou (Simpson's Beach) just north of Whitianga.

The weather over the Christmas - New Year period towards the end of the break deteriorated with a lot of rain and wind which sometimes resulted in great sunsets when the sky cleared somewhat.

On the way to Taupo to join with Chris and Kev we stopped off at for a couple of nights at Lake Okareka.  To get there take the Lake Tarawera road.  The turn off is before you get to the Blue Lake or if you miss it you can turn off at the Blue Lake.

Space for overnight parking is very limited however it's certainly a great spot for Kiwis and overseas visitors alike.  Doesn't get much better than this.

Arriving in Taupo it was off to Cafe L'Arte for a reunion lunch with Kev and Chris.

Cafe L'Arte is renown not only for it's food but for the huge range of ceramics and other 'arty stuff'.  (Chris is taking the pic.)

It really is an awesome place to visit and this one pic doesn't do it justice.  If you're ever in Taupo make sure you make time to visit for a coffee, wander the gardens and the shop.

We decided to spend our first couple of nights of the adventure at Lake Rerewhakaaitu.  To have our first FGC (family group conference) and maybe catch a trout or two.

It's always important to have a watchful eye on the boys as camp is made.  Back to Lake Rerewhakaatiu after the next couple of pics.

On the way to Lake Rerewhakaatiu we stopped off at the thermal area of Waumangu at the foot of Maungakakaramea (Rainbow Mountain).  All of us are keen geocachers hence the GPS in hand. 

 Ever tried to time it to catch a blob of mud erupting from a boiling mud pool.  Many were trying.

Waimangu is definitely worth a visit for its colours and thermal activity.  
There is a 1hr walk to the top of Maungakakaramea if you're a mind too.  

From various vantage points the beauty of the area can be seen like this small lake.

Back at Lake Rerewhakaatiu using the camp site Bar-B-Qs probably wasn't going to be an option.  The lake level had been at record highs, There are no actual out flow from the lake.

As the light fades in the West.

Evening fly fishing over calm water lets you get in touch.

One of a couple of rainbow trout caught.  In good condition and soon to grace the table.

This letterbox was spotted on the way Waikite Springs, our next stop.  I've been collecting pics of letterboxes and this is a great addition.

Also on the way to the Waikite Springs was this small lake.  I didn't know it even existed.  A short walk down a track from the main road presented us with Lake Ngapouri.  Apparently although we didn't have time to prove it, it is very good for trout fishing.  Needless to say there was a GC (geocache) on the walk in.

Don't know where all the pics went for Waikite but it's worth staying a night or two for a really nice soak in the hot pools.  Don't know where all the pics went.

The up welling of boiling hot water supplies the thermal pools.  Before it gets to the thermal pools it goes through an elaborate system cooling so that a soak is just right.  From Waikite we head off to catch up with friends Rob and Jane on their new reservation just out of Te Awamutu.

See you on Pt 2.