Friday, April 16, 2010

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 166 – 180. 01 - 15 Apr 2010

From Dunedin to Riverton and some places in between.
The following are some pics taken at some of the locations we have been to over these few days.  This blog is best viewed in conjunction with Raewyn's email episode that corresponds with the same days and dates.
 Dunedin.  The dominance of a large gum tree on the way into Dunedun.   
Dunedin – Otago Heads.  The church on the Tamatea Marae is somewhat different from most construction.
 Dunedin – Port Chalmers.  From Tairoa Heads we had a good view of sea traffic entering Port Chalmers.
 Dunedin -Tairoa Heads.  Tairoa Heads where the Albatross colony is located although there were none there at this time of the year.
 Dunedin.  Oh dear!
Dunedin.  It was hard to get a good pic of the Dunedin railway station.
 Dunedin.  This and the few pics that follow attempt to show the ornate architecture of the inside of the station.
Dunedin.  The stained glass windows were impressive.
Dunedin.  As was the mosaic floor.
DunedinRobbie Burns forever looks over the Octagon.
 Dunedin – (Near) Lake WaiholaOne of the shoe/boot fences seen in our travels.
Taieri River Mouth.  The coastline just begs to be explored.  There was a cache not far from here.
Taieri River Mouth.  The lone evening fisherman.

Taieri River Mouth.  Large sole could be bought here for $1.00 each.
Tokomairiro River Mouth.  Known locally as theToko Mouth also enjoys its share of wind. 
Tokomairiro River Mouth.   Free parking is usually where you find it.
Tokomairiro River Mouth.  Everyone is welcome.  Aisbedroom property for not much more than $60,000.
 Balclutha.  The road bridge from the north, over the Clutha River, is one of the oldest bridges of its type in New Zealand.
Balclutha.  That is partnered by the rail bridge a little further downstream.
 Balclutha.  The road tunnel at the end of the rail bridge caused us to stop and measure given that it said 3.5m high and we are, yes, 3.5m high.
Port Molyneux.  Housing sure is cheap down here.
 Nugget Point.  It was a fun walk out to the lighthouse.  Wouldn’t like to try it in a big wind.
 Nugget Point.  It was worth it to see the Yellow Eyed Penguins.
Somewhere.  Interesting pastoral pattern.
Somewhere.  Bugger that was a bit of a heavy landing!
Surat Bay(Mrs) Seal lion enjoying the sun.
 Catlins.  It called the Catlins Lake.  It’s actually not a lake but a very large estuary at the end of the Catlins River.
 Catlins – Jacks Blowhole.  A 1hr walk from Jacks Bay, is 200m inland, 55m deep and approx 50m in diameter.
Catlins - Purakanui FallsThese were the first of a number of falls we were to visit on our way through the Catlins. 
 Catlins - Purakanui FallsLow light and a (very) steady hand.
 Catlins – Matai Falls.  Another group of falls that includes Horseshoe Falls was not able to perform due to the long period of low rainfall.  Still worth the bush walk.
Catlins – Tautuku BeachThis expansive view was from the Florence Lookout.  We free camped at the northern (near) end.
Catlins – Lake WilkieMirror Tarn eat your heart out.  The reflectiveness of this bog lake was virtually perfect.
 Catlins – Lake Wilkie This pic was taken looking straight into the lake not at the sky.  It’s all refelection except for a few leaves in the forground.
 Catlins – Tautuku Estuary.  A protected area that’s home to the endangered Fern Bird.
 Catlins – McLeans FallsThese are the highest in the Catlins although this pics and the low water flow doesn’t do justice.
 Catlins – McLeans FallsDown stream from the falls.  I’m sure there must be trout in there somewhere.
 Catlins – Curio BayThe Jurassic period petrified logs.
Catlins - Curio Bay.  And stumps can plainly be seen. 
Catlins - Curio Bay.  Over quite a large area.
Catlins – Slope Point.  The actual sounthern most point of New Zealand.  This pic was taken for us by a German tourist.
 Catlins – Fortrose.  The golf club really has a problem with its hedge windbreak.
 Catlins – Fortrose.  The pukeko really grow big.
Invercargill – Bluff.  Finally a train in one of my track pictures.
Invercargill – Bluff.  The end of the road literally.
Winton.  In between Winton and Lime Hills is the grave of Minnie Dean.  The only woman to hang in New Zealand during the period of capital punishment.

 More on Invercargill and surrounds next blog post.

Friday, April 2, 2010

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 158 – 165 24 - 31 Mar 2010

From Moeraki to Dunedin and a few places in between.
The following are some pics of some of location we have been to over these few days.  This blog is best viewed in conjunction with Raewyn's email episodes.   
Trotter Gorge.  First stop after Moeraki was at the DOC park.
Trotter Gorge.  There were a number of walks like this one to the summit and a great view.
Katiki Point.  We could see this from the summit at Trotter Gorge.
Katiki Point.  Is known for the lighthouse.
Katiki Point.  And the Yellow Eyed Penguins.

Katiki Point.  Some of which had interesting friends like this rabbit on the beach.
Ardleigh Golf Club. Our next night, provided a great sunset.
Ardleigh Golf Club.  That highlighted clouds and silhouetted the horizon.
Palmerston.  Hello from Palmerston
Palmerston.  McCormick baler.  Probably needs a little work.
Waikouaiti beach.  Not much fish but favoured by surfers.
Waikouaiti beach.  I’m only pretending to be asleep.
Matanaki.  The oldest farm buildings in New Zealand. 
Matanaki.  Was fun to photograph.
Matanaki.  No it’s not in Australia, it’s out of Waikouaiti.
Matanaki.  Although this gum tree tends to dominate.