Sunday, January 21, 2007

9/10Dec06 South Head, Tapora & Port Albert

This weekend away was to be quite low key being just outside Auckland visiting those places in the title. First was a quick break for a cuppa and to share 'bread' with the locals.
A later stop was at the Macadameia Nut farm and cafe in a lovely setting part way up South Head.
From South Head and after spending the night at Shelly Beach we headed for Tapora and Port Albert. The road to Tapora for the last 12km was somewhat rough but it was worth the shaking to have a look.
At Tapora there is a home grown garden that is quite extensive featuring many strange and interesting plots.
The entrance to the garden was marked with a signpost indicating what lay in the other direction should you choose to go there.
Someone at Tapora obviously has a sense of humour with this 'Tree of Saved Soles'.
During our journeys past and those to come we have been snapping different, unusual and interesting letterboxes. Someone had certainly taken some time over this one at Tapora. A keen diver maybe?
Before heading home we planned a stop at Port Ablert. Public facilities and good parking made this stop one to record for the future.
Why is it called Port Albert? Reading the memorial stone and other information at the stop provided all the answers to the question including information about the pioneer families and some of the hardships they endured. Having some synergy with the Kaipara we found it interesting.
As always we had a great weekend exploring our immediate neighbourhood.

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