Saturday, December 30, 2006

29Dec06 Whangara, Tolaga, Anarua & Tokomaru

Breakfast on the 29th was in a layby with great views overlooking Whangara Bay where the movie Whale Rider was made.

Unfortunately we were not able to go down to the bay as it was closed to all except residents and relations. Obviously the popularity created by it's fame had most probably become too much.

In the pic above on the building with a red roof, below the Norfolk pine tree you can just make out a replica of a whale on the ridge of the roof. Whilst having breakfast we met up with three interesting maori guys, or should I say they met up with us. They all work and live overseas and had come home for Christmas. One lives with his family in Germany, the others in China and Japan. Quite something from such a small community. After breakfast it's off to Tolaga Bay. Tolaga Bay. Apart from it's location and popularity going by the very full camp ground is know for it's very long wharf which unfortunately is starting to show real bad signs of decay - no vehicle allowed. There's an honesty at the beginning of the wharf to encourage users to donate towards the wharfs restoration. It would be a shame to loose such an icon. The march of the cafe culture has hit virtually every nook and cranny on the East Coast seen below at Tolaga Bay and... .....our next stop Anarua Bay - for coffee at Pete's Place. Pete's Place arrives every year from Wellington based on a very large two level motorhome. It's a restuarant on wheels with all the facilities. That night he told us he had some 14 booked in for dinner and had at times catered for more than 20.
After a coffee at Anarua Bay it's off to Tokomaru Bay where we plan to spend the night.

Tokomaru Bay. We found there's a lot more here than Tolaga Bay, including a big wharf but more on Tokomaru Bay next post.....

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