Thursday, December 28, 2006

27Dec06 Napier to Mahia

Napier to Mahia Peninsular 27 December 2006

Coffee at Napier deciding when to get going, what to see and where to end up for the night. Before we go maybe a bit of a look around Napier - New Zealand's art deco city.
With it's well known marine parade with all sorts of activities, cafes, information and things to see and do. Not enough space in the blog to do any justice to this great asset of Napier.

The journey from Napier on the way to the Mahia Peninsular took us past Lake Tutira. Managed by DOC Lake Tutira is right on the side of the main road. A real easy stopping point quite manageable with a large vehicle.

With the right DOC permit staying over night is permitted. The lake is used for fishing, water sports and camping. Access is easy and great amenities are provided. From the map above you can see that there are some good walks to be had. Unfortunately we didn't really have time to take advantage of these, maybe next time we'll stay overnight or longer.

Leaving Lake Tutira and passing the Mohaka Viaduct we ended up at Wairoa.
Here we purchased out Gisborne Council 10 nights free camping permits for $10. With the permit you get given some bags for rubbish and recyclables and a list of places where you can drop them off. We were looking forward to free camping at some of the beaches up through to East Cape. Gisborne is one of the few forward thinking councils that support free camping and they do it very well with collection and waste dump sites.There's our destination. Mahia Peninsular in the distance. We've never been there before but had heard so much about it. This was to be the first time we stayed at a motor camp this trip. This would give us the opportunity to do a few house keeping chores. Whilst the camp was quite disappointing as in not very well kept and so many crammed in the location was quite great.
Only a short walk from the camp was a large expansive beach that at this end was the favoured launching place for fishing and diving trips.

The number, types and even some of the colours of the tractors would themselves made a great photo project. Most of them had extended 'legs' as the beach is quite flat especially at the lower tides. Whilst taking a walk along the beach after dinner the weather started to deteriorate.That night it was evident that a bit of bad weather was on its way. We did get a little bit of rain but it certainly didn't dampen our spirits and we were looking forward to continuing our journey the following day back to the main road and off to Gisborne and points East - but that's another story.

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