Saturday, December 30, 2006

29/30Dec06 Tokomaru Bay

Tokomaru Bay deserves a little bit of space all to itself on our blog. Just North of Tologa Bay past Anarua Bay it would seem to be somewhat in Tologa Bay's shadow being less populated and also less well known.

Tokomaru Bay
Has it's own wharf, not quite as big at that of Tolaga Bay, but certainly just as interesting. There's parking at the end on the shore and the remanants of a once very thriving pastoral industry that needed the sea access that the bay and the long wharf provided. The dates on most of the buildings show that most of this dates back to the time of the 1st Wolrd War 1914 - 18. Obviously sea transport was probably the only real option as roads to the remote East Cape would have been largely non-existent or at best very hard to travel.

One of the locals who appeared suffering somewhat from sunstroke directed to the top local accomodation

We did try but it was booked out so we decided to again take the mobile apartment with the billion dollar view! The free view from the bedroom window is unsurpassed.

From Tokomaru Bay it's off tomorrow through Wapiro Bay, Ruatoria, Tiki Tiki, Rangitukia and some point further North East.

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