Wednesday, December 27, 2006

26/27Dec06 Haumoana, Te Mata, Hastings and Clive

Our first destination stop after leaving Taupo was on the road out to Cape Kidnappers (out from Hastings). This road passes Haumoana Beach. We were looking for a place to stay overnight and driving past this beach we saw a number of motorhomes spaced out next to the beach. Spaced out at intervals we saw signs that said that it was permitted to stay for 2 nights. That was good enough for us. We only stayed one night and met up with a number of others as there had been a very big motorhome rally not far down the road.

Te Mata Peak, Havelock North, just South of Hastings. What a great view all round. We were by far the larget vehicle in the car park at the top, see the pic below. I put a lot of faith in the handbrake and reverse gear.

The road up and of course down was certainly an interesting drive with most of it being one way and very few passing bays. The thought of having to reverse, in a manual vehicle with limited rear visibility, any distance wasn't one that I really wanted to consider at the time.

The view was indeed quite spectacular and is definitely well worth the journery up, and of course down no matter how you do it.
From TeMata it was time to start the journey to the North. A brief nostalgic stop in Hastings where in my early teens we used to compete in archery at the Hastings Highland Games each Easter. Remember my first real earthquake sleeping in an old iron bed on castors - it moved by itself about 2 metres across the wooden floor in a rather hesitant motion.
North of Hastings probably half way to Napier is the township of Clive. Out with the bar-b-q for breakfast by the river. The bridge in the background is the main route between Hastings and Napier. Loads of parking at this very pleasant location. Time to head for Napier.......

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