Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tokerau Beach (Tsunami)- Prelude to South Island Expedition

Tokerau Beach 27 Sep - 5 Oct 2009

After a call from friends Barry and Sue we decided to spend a week at Tokerau Beach, a prelude to our expedition to the South Island.

The weather for the week wasn't really that great with continual winds and a lot of rain so there was limited opportunity for good pics. Anyway we camped up, we're on the right, and settled in. The camp is quite run down however $130 for the week with no charges for showers or the kitchen made up for it.

Tokerau Beach is over 14km long. (Looking South) We rode our bikes and gathered Tua Tua for a feed and just enjoyed being there.

Whatawhiwhi (looking North) is at the northern end of Tokerau Beach and we were only about 1km away. 'Grant we met your mum and dad on the beach, how about that!!!!!

Well as you may recall this was the week that the tsunami hit Samoa. After the warnings we decided 'better safe than sorry' and headed to the high ground of beautiful Matai Bay, north beach

and the south beach.

Waiting on the high ground between the north and south beaches of Matai Bay watching and waiting for 'the wave'.

After a reasonable time we headed back to Tokerau Beach were the local industrious residents went about their business as usual.  That night we decided to have fish and chips as the fishing was totally zip. Mangonui here we come.

Served by a couple of hard working lasses who probably didn't want to get their pic takan

The following are some pics taken at random whilst we were in the area.

Like East Cape there's seems to be an abundance of derelict buildings.

At Matai Bay one of the motor homes had a 'clip on' wringer.

A great idea however it seemed like it needed a bit of support.

You've got to have the (Canon)fluffy dice.
Follow us down the North Island to the South Island starting 20 October 2009 until when ever............................!

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