Thursday, October 29, 2009

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 9 -11

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 9 -11
27 - 29 October 2009

Stratford to Wanganui

After spending the night in the Top 10 Camp catching up on domestic matters we visited the local New World (and the local bottle shop) to restock with some basic supplies

And a short visit to the McCollough Rhododendron Dell. 

We headed to Wanganui.  It was so windy you could almost surf on the waves on the cattle troughs.

Arriving late in the afternoon of 27 Oct we headed to a POP of Karen and Jens Bukholt (Viking – Danish hosts) for the night. 

A great POP, $10 for the night, includes power and water, a 9 hole golf course using 3 greens.

Deer in their adjoining paddock.

Interesting gardens to roam.  Thanks Karen for the silverbeet, parsley and lemons.

If you are ever in Wanganui visit a top cafe, Reflections Café, next to the Winter Gardens.

Where we met a couple of the locals.

Waiinu Beach

28 Oct we headed back some 40km back up the coast to spend the night at Waiinu Beach sometimes mistakely named as Wainui Beach.

Camping at the beach is by donation with a limit of 2 months, yes, 2 months.  The wind blew like crazy that night swinging to the south.

Back To Wanganui

First thing we headed back to Wanganui to view some of the sights.

We cruised the river road.

And watched some street racing.


Then off to Marton for fish and chips and a POP for the night, 29Oct09

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Kiwi In Aussie said...

Gidday Bazza and Raywene
Looks like you guys are having agreat time, some nice spots you are seeing, pity the weather isnt a bit kinder to you. Having said that you have had some nice days albiet windy ones.
Baz, only problem is I havent seen one surfing pic? - whats going on mate :-)
Say Hi to Raywene for me and keep the shiny side up

Terry (a.k.a KiwiAngler)