Thursday, October 22, 2009

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Days 1 - 3


Day 1 and 2 19-20OCT09
We have plenty of time to get to Wellington so Raewyn and I spent the first two nights on the Seabird Coast between Kaiaua and Miranda.

The weather wasn't so great for photography however the above gives you a look north up the coast.

And south. The wind really blew strongly from the west for both days we were there so apart from enjoying the location and doing some planning there wasn't too much else to do.

I did however do some kaimoana gathering on the first low tide.  The end result was a nice little cook up of cockles (baby clams).  The brown planter by the wheel is a mobile herb garden prepared for us by son Craig.  For us it has quickly become our travelling family.  With this weather and the travelling the worry is enough sun.

Day 3 21OCT09
On this day the plan was to travel to Te Kuiti before heading to New Plymouth on 22Oct.

We took the long way down through Rotorua.  Rolled into Rotorua with the low fuel light on (since the Mamaku) and probably by the amount we took on there would have been about 20km left.  We left Auckland with half a tank.

Then via a quick visit to Lake Whakamaru where we spent a night last Christmas (free camping).

To Te Kuiti where we free camped for the night at Brooks Park.  Overnight camping (one night) is permitted.

Fixes to date are a fuse in the solar charging system and a pivot pin in the from hatch.  House power has been reduced each of these days to 90% but with some sun and the 3rd travelling we have reached 100% before sunset.


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