Monday, November 3, 2008

Labour Weekend 2008

The weekend weather wasn't great and only a couple of pics ere taken. Whilst storms, high wind and rain were predicted it was mostly high winds. Nevertheless we had a great weekend even if not many pics were taken after all we had been to Whananaki North previously, see the post - Whananaki Easter 2008.

Travelling from Auckland we turnd off at the Brnderwyn junction to stay at the Maungaturoto Recreation Hall POP for night 1, see Pin 1. See previous post 18/19 May08 Maungaturoto. For a $5 donation per night you can plug into the power and use the toilets and showers. The blue route is our trip up, 4 nights, (green home 1 night). We decided to take the road from Maungaturoto to Whangarei via the Paparoa/Oakleigh road which rejoins SH1 just south of Whangarei. There's a couple of pics of Paparoa in the post 26May07 Pahi on the Kaipara. Bad weather throughout the day (blue route) precluded any decent pics however here's one where we stopped for lunch.
This is one of the tru country halls that are the centre of a rural community fulfilling many needs from library to drop-in centre. From here, following the blue route, we turned off at Whangarei and headed up the 'Twin Bridges' road to Kaikohe. From Kaikohe via Kawa Kawa and a good coffee eventually to Whananaki North and the primary school where we were to spend the net three nights. We were the only ones there for the whole weekend, parked right by the sea.
This pic was taken on the best day. Whilst there we were treated to a horse gathering if you can call it that where some 50 or more riders and horses gathered to ride across the estuary at load tide.
They went across in groups and returned in even small groups a few hours later. You could see they, whilst tired, had had a great time.

A bit of fun was had playing Hill Billy Golf. Mike saw this game in the 'States' and has put his mind to making the game for sale here in Kiwi. Contact us for more information.
After three away from home nights it was time to head back to the big smoke, Auckland. We stopped part way back for one more night at Uretiti Beach, see 29May-3June Queens Birthday Weekened post. Uretiti Beach, DOC park, is a well known as a naturist beach. Having said that I really don't know how some of them could brave the cold and wind this particular weekend. Well that's it so far theirs big things in the planning for next year.

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