Friday, July 25, 2008

17-21 July 2008 Whangaruru North

It was planned to break our journey north with an overnight stop, Thursday, at Whangarei. We chose the golf club at Whangarei. We couldn’t get an answer to the phone so hoped everything would be ok if we just turned up. We arrived around 1930hrs and spent a quiet night waking to a bit of a dull misty morning.

Whangarei Falls. After a quick word with an early arrival to play golf we headed for a quick look at the Whangarei Falls.

Waro Limestone Reserve.We decided not have breakfast at Whangarei and headed on to Hikurangi. Just to the north of Hikurangi is the Waro Limestone Reserve.Still a very dull morning but an interesting place to have breakfast.

Helena Bay This was one of the bays on the way to the DOC park at Whangaruru North. Once again the weather wasn't so great as can be seen from this distance view of Helena Bay from a cafe/art gallery on the way to the bay.The bay itself was deserted - looking north,and looking South.

Oakura and Whangaruru These two were next being almost side by side a km or two off the main road.
Oakuraand over the hill to Whangaruru.

Whangaruru North - Puriri Bay Our destination for the next two nights, 18th and 19th, found us at the Puriri Bay DOC camp, Whangaruru North which is directly opposite Whangaruru on the other side of the harbour.For the next two nights we had the park to ourselves except for the ducks, gulls, pukekos, rabbits and kiwi.

Bland Bay is on the way in and out of the DOC park at Whangaruru North. This first pic shows the narrowness between Bland Bay (RHS) and the beginning of Whangaruru North (LHSSo it was down to Bland Bay for breakfast before heading to Russell.

Russell. From Bland Bay we took the coast road to Russell. The day, same as the weekend so far, was not so great weather wise with heavy rain storms passing through and a strong wind blowing straight into Russell.

Okiato to Opua. The main route out of Russell is via the ferry that crosses from Okiato (Russell side) to Opua every 10 minutes. The tide was quite low so a little care with a 7m vehicle and some overhang was required getting on and off the ferry.Opua

Mt Parihaki. Heading home and planning to spend the last night at the DOC park at Uretiti Beach we paused for lunch at the top of Mt Parihaki that looks out over Whangarei.Once again the journey home must start......

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