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South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 481 – 513 11 February - 15 March 2011 2011

Intrepid Journey South Island Concludes
Day 481 - 513    11 February – 15 March 2011

(At the time of this post we have done 930 caches)

This blog is best viewed in conjunction with Raewyn's email episode that corresponds with the same days and dates.  If you don’t get that email, and would like it, let us know.  There are a great deal more pics taken at places mentioned and places in between.  Pics have been taken by Raewyn and myself.  At some of the locations where pics have been taken from there were geocaches.  For interest these have been identified with GC. If you want to know about geocaching check out   

(NOTE:  If you have any trouble with pics ‘fully showing let me   Also if you double click on the pic it should show completely.)

The next ten pics were taken in Christchurch a couple of weeks before the 'Quake'.

Cathedral Square busy with tourists and workers.

There was a flowers  show on at the time.

Check out the flower arrangements inside the Cathedral.

A bit of a bonus whilst there was the Cathedral choir boys singing.

A view of the Cathedral that won't be seen again in its original form.

All the bits that crumbled.

A small view inside a Christchurch tram.

And a view of some of the old shops from the tram.

The floral show included some floral animal.

They were really very well done.

Early morning from our park at Caroline Bay, Timaru. gc

Interesting seagull prints at Caroline Bay.

The walkway at Caroline Bay makes for an interesting pic. gc

As do the street lights. gc

Oh where the custard squares are!!! A small herd of fallow deer. gc

We weren't stumped for this geocache. gc

Nor were we barred from finding this one. gc

They sure know how to present the custard squares.  MMM Delicious!!.

On our way to Geraldine we had a stop up a side road at St David's Church. gc

Woodbury.  Oh dear not again.  No hassles with either spare tyre this time though.

Yes this is a woolshed.  The Dean's Woolshed. gc

Lake Lyndonon the Arthurs Pass road, it freezes over in the winter. gc

The next 4 pics are of the Castle Hill Limestone Reserve.  To appreciate these you really have to get up close and personal.  Great historical significance to Maori.

Castle Hill Limestone.  gc

A view of the walkway to the Castle Hill Limestone.

Looking back from the walkway from the Castle Hill Limestone to the carpark.

The Castle Hill Limestone is really quite extensive as this pic was taken when we were much further down the road on our way to Lake Pearson.

Lake Pearson Reflections looking east from where we were camped. gc

Lake Pearson Reflections a little more to the north.

And it wouldn't be complete without this pic - evening Lake Pearson.

Ford and Canoe.  Isn't this so neat. Where are we, North America , Canada?

So has the tree swallowed the fence or has the fence penetrated the tree. gc

The Ashley Gorge provided some interesting opportunities. gc

Cheviot.  Now here's a puzzle for you. gc

Stinging Nettle or correctly named, New Zealand Tree Nettle.  Yes it has been recorded that people have died from it's sting.  Trust me it isn't nice, used to come across a lot in the Kawekas.  It can grow into quite a large tree.  The caterpillers of the (Red) Admiral Butterfly do feed on the leaves.

Shags time out. 

Yumm blackberries...! gc

And there were plenty of them.  gc

Lines. Okiwi Bay DOC park besides the railway tracks. gc

A walk in the park at Hanmer Springs looking for geocaches.

A couple of different views of the same trees.

They sure are straight.

No it's not 'Treebeard' nor is he stumped and yes that IS a stick. gc

Flyagraic Toatstool sure looks nice. gc

The matagouri sure takes on a different form in this light. gc

It's an interesting lichen that covers some rocks in different areas. gc

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