Tuesday, December 15, 2009

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 52 - 58, 9 – 15 December 2009

Motueka RiverMcLeans Picnic Area  – 1 night
Wakefield – Edward Baigent Reserve – 1 nights
Nelson Mitre 10 – 1 nights
Springrove – Drill Hall– 1 night
Nelson City Motor Camp – 3 night

As I had to be back in Nelson to fly to Wellington on business we continued our one nighters working our way back to Nelson.


From the POP at Riwaka just north of Motueka we decided to follow the Motueka River in a roundabout route back to Nelson. 

First night stop was at the McLeans Picnic Area.  This is a free site right by the river where a one night stay is permitted. 

The river was quite low and it was easy to walk a few hundred metres either way.  I did catch a small trout which I let go.

I have subsequently learnt more about trout fishing from Hamill’s Sports in Nelson that should increase my catch rate.


The rest of the period up to day no.56 really didn’t present to many pic opportunities, partly due to locations and again unfortunately bad weather.   The following are some of the pics taken more or less randomly.

For those of you into Geocaching we found this one at Wakefield.  Not our The Italian Job was here…. Sign that we leave.

So what is this tree.  Pic taken at the Founders Park, Nelson.

 We were there for the market.

As were others.

The Founders Park is a replica town.

With all business and industries.  Inside each building was a comprehensive display.

Free coffee and cakes outside the Free Trade Shop in Hardy Street, Nelson.

Time for a nap when the sun came out.

Richmond, south of Nelson, has a very modern shopping area.

 This old building was spotted on a back road just out of Spring Grove.

For those interesting in traveling this park for the night was on a ‘coin donation’.  Nice and quiet.

 We left a salad of carrot tops for the family of rabbits that lived under the Spring Grove Dill Hall.

No this is not a new door for The Italian Job.

Finally getting back to Nelson we parked up at the Nelson City Holiday Park for the for days 56 & 58 as I had to fly to Wellington for a business meeting.  

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