Tuesday, December 8, 2009

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 45 - 51 2 – 8 December 2009

 Waitapu Bridge – 1 night
Pohara – 2 nights
 (Visited  & fished Anatoki Salmon Farm)
 Patons Rock Steam Museum – 2 nights
Kaiteriteri – 1 night
Riwaka – 1 night

2/3 Dec 09

It was quite late after visiting Pu Pu Springs so we decided to free park beside the Waitapu Bridge on the main road at the Springs turnoff.  Tasman District Council allow two nights for self contained vehicles. The night we stayed apart from us there were nine non SC vehicles!

3 - 5 Dec 09

From Waitapu it was only a few km back to Takaka and then out to Pohara where the boat club is a POP for NZMCA members. $5 / night, $2 showers and $4 each for washing m/c and dryer. 

 The POP is opposite an old abandoned cement works. 

I tried fishing off the break water, more than once, morning and evening, but after shark, shark and more carpet sharks I decided to give it a miss.

 The area is known for its most interesting rock formations.  More pics later.

The evening held promise for the coming next day.          

 The same view the following morning presented the view of the Tekaka Hills in almost a screen print.

5 Dec 09

 During our stay at Pohara we went part the way to the DOC camp at Totaranui stopping at Wainui Bay

It was interesting even though the tide was out. There's actually a DOC trail that cuts across the bay that you can take when the tide is out.

Time for a ‘nap’ in a layby before heading back to Pohara.

5 Dec 09

We learnt that it was half price weekend at the Anatoki Salmon Farm.  For obvious reasons they don't publish it in advance.  It started out as a weekend for the locals.

 They have a special large pond where you catch the salmon. We stopped at . two each.  They stock it with 7,500 for the season.  If all fishing was this easy I would take up knitting.  

If you want they will smoke and vacuum pack for you.  5.98kg of green fish cost us $86 to catch, smoke and vacuum pack.  Catching the salmon takes about 20 mins and the processing 2 hours.

Patons Rock Steam Museum 
5-7 Dec 09

We caught up with another couple, Jane and Rob, we had met earlier at Pohara who had also been to the Anatoki Salmon Farm.  

At the Patton Rock Steam Museum POP.  $2/pers/night + $2 for a shower.

 Great sunset after a day of almost continuous rain.

7 Dec 09

On the 7th we parted to head over the Tekaka Hill but first a visit to a rock formation called ‘The Grove’ just outside Tekaka at Clifton.  A DOC reserve.

Rock formations weren't all that were unusual.

The track through The Grove takes you up to a high platform where the view of Golden Bay is extensive.

7 Dec 09

Many a tight corner in the 26km up and over.  Almost full lock for The Italian Job (Fiat) on the inside corners. 

 Some times the road almost came back on itself.  These were taken by me whilst Raewyn turned the steering wheel - Yeh right!

However the view was worth it.  This is only part way up but at least this crossing we weren’t in the clouds like last time when from bottom to top and down again we couldn't see anything.

7/8 Dec 09
Anyway time to start making our way back to Nelson with a couple of stops on the way.

 After crossing the Tekaka Hill it was out to Kaiteriteri Beach and the golden sand.

 We found the locals quite engaging.

 With their own version of Aku Aku.

For the night we stayed at a camp called Bethany which is about 300m from the beach.  Apparently this is where many motorhomes winter over as it’s about $75/pw with power, showers et al.

8 Dec 09

After lunch at Marahau just north of Kaiteriteri.

Beside an estuary formed by a golden sandspit.

We enjoyed the company of a family of Californian Quail.  Look close, the couple have at least 10 baby quail with them.  The pic was taken on full 200m zoom.

8/9 Dec 09

From Marahau heading towards Nelson we opted for the night stop, 8th, at a orchard POP just south of Riwaka

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