Saturday, November 7, 2009

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Days 15 - 21, 2-8 Nov 09

Wellington – Mangatainoka - Woodville – Mt Bruce - Castlepoint

As I had a meeting in Wellington, 4 Nov, we spent a few days there staying with family, 
Stephen, Karen, Matthew and Kennedy.  

We will be back in Wellington 11-14 Nov so will probably be able to take some more pics 
although we had one day of reasonable weather.
Wellington lived up to it’s reputation of wind although a trip up Mt Victoria.
Was worth it.  Maybe next time we’ll have a better sky.

Even if done on a unicycle.

 Not far from the typical pic of Wellington.

 We enjoyed a great lunch at the Back Benchers Bar, thanks Stephen.
From Wellington, 5 Nov, it was a long trip to Woodville via Mangtainoka.    
Where there was a compulsory stop at the Tui Brewery.

 And yes the girls were there to greet us – Yeah Right.

 We ended up at Woodvile for the night, 5 Nov, staying in the Pub car park.
Where we met a couple of Woodville locals, not the mainland cheese boys,
 and had a great chat about most everything.

 The out to view the windfarm the following morning. 
Unfortunately the viewing platform was closed. 

6 Nov and we headed for Castlepoint with first a stop at Mt Bruce nature reserve.

Viewing Takahe, Kokako, Saddleback, Stitch Bird, Kaka and many others.

Arriving late in the afternoon at Castlepoint.

 We picked out parking spot on the beach for the next couple of nights.

 With a great view from our bedroom.

 1967 was when I was last here and then there was no commercial fishing 
as such and only a couple of bachs.  Sure has changed.

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