Monday, November 2, 2009

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 14, 01Nov09

Otaki - Kapiti - Te Horo - Southward Car Museum - Paraparaumu - Battle Hill Farm Park

Before heading to the Otaki markets and factory shops we made a quick trip to the beach.  
Kapiti Island in the background.  A view of the South Island is still proving elusive.

The Otaki market was really very good and they ended up with some of our money.

 After gathering some local fennel.

We headed on down the track. 

Stopping at Hyde Park, Te Horo.

 We found Mihi Wai getting her gallery ready for opening.  
Her gallery promises to be really worth the stop.

 After a stop at the Southward Car Museum.

 That had a great many on display.

 And many that were quite unsual

We passed through Paraparaumu.

Where most seemed to be enjoying the good weather.

 We ended up at the Battle Hill Farm Park for the night (01Nov).

A picturesque spot.

Under the close scrutiny of an inquisitive local.

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