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Wentworth Valley Camp 6-9 February 2009

As with all my blogs I only put up a few pics but take a great many. The majority that are not posted are interest type as opposed to location for obvious reasons. Some time in the future I will have a website of all the interesting pics with an invite to others to add their pics to the site . More on that to follow.
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The Wentworth Valley Camp is a leased DOC camp, the cost was $9/per/night.  Really great hosts Mark
& Nicola Flanagan tel: 07 8657032.  This camp is a must if you haven't been before.
Parked Up
The Camp is about 7km from Whangamata and involves crossing a ford or two.
One of the main attractions is the walk to the Wentworth Falls.
The walk to the falls takes about 1.25 - 1.5 hours one way and passes the entrance to a disused mine.

Inside the mine looking out.
The river below the falls has a number of popular swimming holes.
And on the way is crossed by two bridges.
There is a great network of tracks throughout the hills.
One is called the Wires track, see the old telephone pole in this pic.
The 4.5 - 5 hour track passes a turn off to the Golden Mountain with fabulous views north and south.
This vertical mine shaft is one reason you need to take some care. I looked over the edge - so where's the bottom?
At one time the track joins a very serious and rugged 4WD track. Forget your RAV4's and Bighorns - no chance.
Some 4 plus hours later brings you to the top of the Wentworth Falls.
Having enjoyed the interesting flora and fauna on the way.
Not everyone was in a motorhome of tent. Wentworth Valley Camp, a great place to stay and chill out.

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