Friday, February 20, 2009

Seabird Coast - Kaiaua & Miranda 8/9Feb09

As with all my blogs I only put up a few pics but take a great many.  The majority that are not posted are interest type as opposed to location for obvious reasons.  Some time in the future I will have a website of all the interesting pics with an invite to others to add their pics to the site . More on that to follow. 
If you are interested email me at

On the 8th of February 2009 we stopped for the night on the shell bank with some 15 other motorhomes.  We were told that over the weekend there were some 120 there at one time.  The pics that appear below are a few of the many that were taken.  As a stopover it's certainly well worth it.
The Seabird Coast is an extensive shelly beach on the shores of the Hauraki Gulf at Kaiaua and Miranda.
For ever moving with the sea.
With a bird sanctuary at its southern end.
A favourite stopping place for motorhomers for a night or two.
When there it;s easy to see why it's called the Seabird Coast.
Enjoy watching the birds coming and going
and where they have been.
Other Pics
I took a number of interesting pics a couple of which I have added below.
Fish out of water.
Left your table and chairs at home?
Moonrise over the Hauraki Gulf.
And then it got really dark.
Sunset over the Hunua Ranges.
A very busy sky was the intro to a very windy day.
Life for all is finite.  Enjoy it while you can.

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beautiful photos, v interesting indeed x