Saturday, March 29, 2008

Whananaki - Easter 2008

Easter 2008 found us at Whananaki North, some 40km north of Whangarei, parked up in the primary school grounds right on the estuary waters edge.When we say waters edge we mean it. Fishing was to be had within 5m of the from of the motorhome.The only facilities are toilets and water but at $8/adult/night who can complain, such a great location. Of course in the summer holidays it does get quite full even though there is a camp ground next door plus two over the hill.Just in front of the school is a truely very old and large mangrove tree standing alone like some sentient being daily watching the passing tides and human traffic.Whananaki is home to the longest walkway bridge in the Southern Hemisphere. It joins North and South and there's always some activity be it crossing traffic or fishing. Crossing over the walkway brings you to Whananaki South and a further short distance to the ocean beach where at the right tide tuatua (50/person) and mussels (25/person) can be harvested. Rocks at the south end of the beach prove to be a popular fishing spot - yes we did catch fish there.Whananaki is still very much typical of older New Zealand with it's water front baches a number of which can only be accessed by the beach at lower tides.The same holds true for the wharf at the entrance to the estuary opposite the northern end of the ocean beach. The only access is along the beach probably half tide and below.The end of the Easter holiday saw briefly a change in the weather that showed itself in a somewhat dramatic form.So it was after four great days it was time to head home and plan for another visit at some later date.

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