Saturday, January 5, 2008

04Jan08 Mt Dampier Falls

Mt Dampier Falls

The Mt Dampier Falls are about 6km off the main road. From the parking spot the falls are a good 30 mins walk through paddocks, bush and well worn tracks.The falls themselves at this time of the year were not carrying much water but would surely be quite spectacular after heavy rain being the highest falls in the North Island.It's easy to see downstream of the falls the energy of the water by the carving out of the steep sided valley.The journey to and from the falls was quite hot and dusty and a welcome stop was taken...
...close to the remains of an old traction engine that had served it's time dragging logs out of the bush.It was a nice spot to stop surrounded by interesting bush...... and farmland.From here it was a long haul to Lake Whakamaru.

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