Monday, December 31, 2007

30/31Dec07 Okato & Opunake

Heading south from New Plymouth heading to Opunake for the night we passed through ing south through Okato. Typically a main road 'don't blink' town which I know is quite unkind. Okato is worth a stop for the two interesting shops even though the cafe was totally full and we couldn't get a table.
From Okato we continued to Opunake. If you don't know or remember one of Opunake's claim to fame is that it is the birth place of Peter Snell. He certainly had some good country to train in.Opunake has a couple of popular beaches both facing the surf. One is Opunake beach with a surf club and good camp groundnext to the popular surf beach(no dogs camp ground and beach).And Middleton Beach where it would seem that anything goes. It the pic of Middleton Beach there is a headland. Opunake Beach is just around that.Opunake is one of those interesting towns that is decorated with many murals. These are painted on virtually any spare wall on buildings and shops. Below are a couple samples.The local pub was a POP, large area of falt firm grass, where they charge $5 for the night per motorhome irrespective of how many people. The only real facility is water. The $5 charge is waived if you have a $10 meal in the pub which for us that night was roast pork and veg enjoying the company of great friends and very congenial hosts.For reference about 100m up the road was a tidy public toilet and an easy to use dump station. Good on you Opunake.

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