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South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 219 – 335 (343) 25 May 2010 – 26 September 2010

 Nelson for the winter (219 – 335) then a week away and back to Nelson (343).

This blog is best viewed in conjunction with Raewyn's email episode that corresponds with approximately the same days and dates.  

During the four months that we wintered over in Nelson very little opportunity was available for pics.  We left Nelson on 18 September to do a circuit past Lake Argyle (2 nights) then Blenhein (4 nights) then Pelorus Bridge (2 nights) and back to Blenheim so I could fly to Wellington for the day, 28 September.  

Some of the pics taken during this time have been included below.  At some of the locations where pics have been taken from there were geocaches.  For interest these have been identified with GC. If you want to know about geocaching check out  

(NOTE:  If you have any trouble with pics ‘fully showing let me know   Also if you double click on the pic it should show completely.)
Richmond - Nelson.  
Waimea Park Country Club.  
This has been our home for the last four months.

Or neighbours curved windows made for some interesting reflections.

Many winter mornings in Nelson were calm and bright.

And the evenings just as stunning.
Many of you have asked me about geocaching that has taken us to many 
interesting places that we would not normally have visited or rushed by.  
The following few pics show what a cache can be like.

Here's one that is hidden in a pipe that needed water to float it up. gc
A fold out sign no less.  
An ingenious hide, the lengths some will go too.  gc

Look I've made my very first geocache find on the way 
to Motueka at a bridge site on the Moturere Road.  gc

On the way to Motueka from Nelson a stop at Rabbit Island 
looking out into Tasman Bay was worthwhile.
That's friends Don and Shirley's motorhome.   gc

Just off the coast at Motueka is the wreck of the Jane Gifford 
on which a geocache had been placed by ‘Sidewaze and Libertee’gc

 I wasn’t in for a swim so had to wait a little while. 
Was really interesting clambering over the wreck once out there.  gc

Still in the Motueka area the boats moored in 
an estuary made for an interesting pic.  gc

As did this individual waiting for the tide.  gc

When we went to visit friends Rob and Jane who were house sitting
we went to where the Riwaka River rises.  It comes out of a big
hole at the foot of the Takaka Hills.

Over the Takaka Hill out at Pohara found 
an enterprising boatie had set up business.

Moored in the still waters of the Pohara marina.

From high in the hills at the back of Nelson the view was quite stunning.  
Walking almost 17km it was a long day but managed to log five geocaches.  gc

A real bonus up in the hills at the Look Out was the 
opportunity to snap this New Zealand Falcon.  
The picture is quite low quality so it is what it is.  gc

With friends Barry and Sue we left Nelson for a 
week heading via Tophouse towards St Arnaud.

It was almost a mid year Christmas.

We stopped at Lake Argyle for a couple of nights 
where you can see a bit of winter still exists.

Barry and Sue headed south through St Arnaud for Murchison 
into some heavy snow. Picture taken by them and sent to us.

While we headed for sunny Blenheim for four nights. gc

Although the higher hills kept us aware that we hadn’t fully escaped.  gc

It was a good time to catch up on a number of geocaches around 
Blenheim one of which was out at the Taylors Dam.  gc

From Blenheim it was off to the Pelorus Bridge DOC camp for a couple 
of nights via Havelock.  Did probably 8 geocaches on the way.  gc

Thought I’d try for trout on the beautiful river below
 the confluence of the Pelorus and Rai Rivers.

Only to be taunted by one of the large resident 
brown trout that had no interest in me.  gc

Time to move on and head back to Nelson passing through the town of Hira.  
The small local churches are always of interest.  gc

The attached cemeteries tell some very interesting stories.  gc

As are the some of the letterboxes we pass by.

The sign of spring.

And summer to come?

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