Sunday, May 2, 2010

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 181 – 197 16 April – 02 May 2010

From Invercargill to Lake Dunstan and a few places in between.
The following are some pics of some of location we have been to over these few days.  This blog is best viewed in conjunction with Raewyn's email episode that corresponds with the same days and dates.
 Invercargill.  Bottoms up in Queens Park.
 Invercargill.  The weather in Invercargill wasn’t much good but it was nice and warm in the velodrome.
 Gore.  Yes the trout are big in the Mataura River.
 Gore.  Do you remember Creamota?
 Gore.  You’ve got to scrump where you can!
 Waipahi.  One of the most photographed road signs in New Zealand, you can see why.
 Waipahi.  Yes more railway tracks.
Wangamaloa.  We free parked on the coast just outside of Balclutha.
LawrenceWe enjoyed one of the walks through historic Gabriels Gully.
LawrenceAutumn is now well with us.
 LawrencePatterns and colours everywhere.
 LawrenceMust admit the rabbits are well more advanced than ‘up north’.
Roxburgh.  Pinders Pond provided a real nice free camp site.
 Roxburgh.  Although the trout refused to play.
 Roxburgh.  The bridge over the Clutha made a nice picture.
Roxburgh.  There was a lot of water coming down the Clutha.
Roxburgh.  The apple season is now over.
 Roxburgh.  Roxburgh dam and and lake.
Roxburgh.  The rocks in the area had interesting sediment patterns.
Alexandra.  The Clutha river poses for more pics.
Alexandra.  It’s called the Swinging Bridge, on it was a geocache.  We found it, walked it and photographed it.
Alexandra.  Old bridges over the Clutha are popular for photographers.
Alexandra.  Butchers Dam, a free camp site, invites anglers.
 Alexandra.  Butchers Dam. Yes I can and do catch trout.
 Alexandra.  Locals keep an eye on us northerners.
Alexandra.  For some the local pond is the safest place to be with duck season is only a few days away!
 Alexandra.  Every bridge over the Clutha is different.
 ClydeWhat a picture the cemetery outside of Clyde makes.
 ClydeJust outside Clyde heading to find a geocache on the Ferguson River we passed this row of Popular trees.
 Lake DunstanThe following few pics were taken early morning at our free camp at lake Dunstan.  

Lake Dunstan.  Out first frost.  Yes did catch trout here.
Lake Dunstan The morning sun tries to to break through the morning mist.

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