Friday, April 2, 2010

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 158 – 165 24 - 31 Mar 2010

From Moeraki to Dunedin and a few places in between.
The following are some pics of some of location we have been to over these few days.  This blog is best viewed in conjunction with Raewyn's email episodes.   
Trotter Gorge.  First stop after Moeraki was at the DOC park.
Trotter Gorge.  There were a number of walks like this one to the summit and a great view.
Katiki Point.  We could see this from the summit at Trotter Gorge.
Katiki Point.  Is known for the lighthouse.
Katiki Point.  And the Yellow Eyed Penguins.

Katiki Point.  Some of which had interesting friends like this rabbit on the beach.
Ardleigh Golf Club. Our next night, provided a great sunset.
Ardleigh Golf Club.  That highlighted clouds and silhouetted the horizon.
Palmerston.  Hello from Palmerston
Palmerston.  McCormick baler.  Probably needs a little work.
Waikouaiti beach.  Not much fish but favoured by surfers.
Waikouaiti beach.  I’m only pretending to be asleep.
Matanaki.  The oldest farm buildings in New Zealand. 
Matanaki.  Was fun to photograph.
Matanaki.  No it’s not in Australia, it’s out of Waikouaiti.
Matanaki.  Although this gum tree tends to dominate.

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