Sunday, March 7, 2010

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 133 – 142 27 Feb - 8 Mar 2010

The following are some pics of some of location we have been to over these few days.  This blog is best viewed in conjunction with Raewyn's email episodes.
 It was far to windy to stay at Kaikoura.
 So it was back north a few kms and just over the Hapuku bridge to the turn off to the historic Puhi Puhi School.
It’s 6km up a gravel road to a small free DOC camp.  It was here we learnt of the Chile tsunami.
 Much further south is the Hurunui River mouth.
Where I had a go at salmon fishing.  One hook up but not landing.
Not all the local population was interested in fishing.
 Unusual wind formed rock formation on the way to Motunau Beach.
With yet an unusual island not far off shore.
Yes, I’m fascinated by long straight railway lines, in this case double. 
 Or where two make one.  Taken at Scargill on the back road from Greta Valley to Waikari.
The following few pics were taken on a 4 hour return hike over some big hills to first find a geocaches and secondly see some Maori rock art.
 The rock art was in black and red.
Well preserved under a rocky overhang.
 That is at the far right of the rock formation.
The weather was hot and dry and hay making was in full swing.
Running from Waikari a couple of times a month is the Weka Pass railway with one station at Frog Rock.
From this enlarged pic you can see why. 
 There was a geocaches up on it so it was a fun climb.  Our motorhome is in the distance.
Dusty farm still life.
Geocaching, our newfound pastime that gets us visiting interesting places that we might miss otherwise.  Visit

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