Sunday, February 21, 2010

South Island - Our Intrepid Journey Day 104 – 128, 04 - 22 Feb 2010

We decided to spend this two weeks revisiting the top of the West Coast followed by some time in Nelson as we had booked in for some maintenance and then off down to Blenheim before south again on 23 Feb.  Here are some pics of this time. 
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Not far out of Westport heading to Kohaihai is the township of Mokihinui on the coast.

This coast through Karamea and on to Kohaihai is known for its Nikau Palms.
Many of which share with wind swept Kanuka and other trees..
Not far from Mokihinui, just off the road to Seddonville, there is a short walk along an old railway track
Complete with a tunnel and a bridge.
Overlooking a beautiful river all the way.
Continuing further up the coast, at the end of the road, is Kohaihai (southern end of the Heaphy Track)
With three days we had plenty of time to explore.
The beginnings of the Heaphy Track.
The lower forest areas that were full of Nikau Palms.
 Up to the lookout that views Scotts Bay that's part of the Heaphy Track.
 With great sunsets every evening to enjoy.
Half way between Karamea and Kohaihai, 16km down a rough and dusty road are the Oparara Arches.  Unfortunately I'm not satisfied with my pics hence there are none.
One of the walk passes he Mirror Tarn.
Past some fascinating trees.
With a friendly Weka putting on a display.
 And in the caves and dark areas of the arches. 
The dark dwelling cave spiders.
 At Granity we stopped to have a look at a mining museum and had to cross some tracks. I find railway tracks, especially long straights, fascinate me.
 As do old derelict houses.
 Lone fisherman.
 And old churches like this one in Wakefield that’s 160 years old.

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Kiwi In Aussie said...

Hey Bazza and Raewyn
Always look forward to reading of your exploits and am looking forward to the day you ship the "Italian Job' over here to Oz and we can join up and see some new sights together

I am VERY impressed with your photos - you are getting real good at it :-)

Cheers and keep the shiny side up

Terry (a.k.a Kiwi_In_Aussie)